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Welcome Amira Clinic Online Store


Professional Skin Services in the Jakarta , Indonesia , This sites will help the customers Amira Clinic can order Directly the all require Product without necessary coming to Clinic.

At Amira skincare is result oriented, driven by expert dermatologists and skin practitioners, delivered in private, Zen like surroundings, after understanding the specific needs of your skin. You emerge with skin that’s not only healthy from within but completely radiant and glowing.

uses the potent powers of naturally active botanicals to leave your skin looking healthy and radiant. From our three daily essentials to our gentle yet effective body care, our products are specially formulated to give you softer, smoother, more beautiful skin from head to toe.

The Clinic is led by Dr Mira, and provides specialized dermatological and cosmetic procedures to treat a wide range of skin types, diseases and disorders.

For Consultation please comes direct to Our clinic in below Offices, or Please direct to our Clinic Link

All treatments are carried out by Consultant Dermatologists and Dermatology trained Nurses.


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